The Jeonju Wedding Exhibition is my only choice!

The Jeonju Wedding Exhibition is my only choice!My marriage, which I started preparing for last year, is coming to an end.When I prepared for the Jeonju Wedding Fair, I didn’t have much to worry about, so if I did as I was told, I would be married next month. I still can’t feel it, but I went to each house to say hello last New Year and realized my marriage.Isn’t it a little strange that you still can’t feel it even though you took all the photos of the studio and came out to Mochon?Even though I’m still a child, I’m worried if I can get married so simply, but I have to work hard~Actually, when I started preparing for the wedding, I was eager to do all the wedding hall tours and check out the studio and dress!!! But as time went by, there were too many places to walk around, so I didn’t have the confidence to prepare myself.The reason why we wanted to prepare ourselves was because it was a one-time marriage, but we wanted to do whatever I wanted.So I visited Shinbuno Jeonju Wedding Fair to find a place where custom weddings are possible.Recently, both of us suddenly have a lot of work to do, so we don’t have time at all on weekdays, so we finally have time to visit on Sundays on weekends.There were a lot of people who came here with friends and family. It was my first time at the Jeonju Wedding Fair, so I thought I could come alone next time if I was busy with the groom.While discussing with the planner in charge of the wedding hall, I was told what I could easily understand about the wedding hall, and they asked me if I had any questions about the cost of meals, rental fees, and the number of guarantees.Actually, there was a place I looked into, but I was worried because I had never visited in person.In such a case, we decided to make a decision through a hall tour because we can make a decision through a hall tour later.In the case of a hall tour, I thought it would be better to go with the groom, so I went there and looked at it with the atmosphere of the hall.When we visited, there was an empty ceremony in one hall, so they took care to walk on Virgin Road in person, and the buffet was delicious and there were many kinds.We walked around only two places because we didn’t have time, but we liked both places, so we decided after considering the cost of meals and rental.In fact, in the case of the rental fee, you don’t have to worry too much because you receive the benefits for the rest of the time.As much as I got a discount, I was able to pay more attention to dresses and other parts, and I thought there was a reason to go to the Jeonju Wedding Fair!In the case of the studio, we conducted it in a place where indoor and outdoor photography were possible together.Actually, I wanted to have an outdoor wedding, but I looked so wet because the weather might help me, so I decided to stay indoors and left a lot of regrets, so I cried that I had to go outdoors because it was a wedding photo that I would take without a day.”The indoor studio was beautiful, but the natural light and the natural outdoor feel were really good to shoot.”The planner told me that I should practice facial expressions in advance and think about poses in advance, so the day before, I looked at my expression with a smile in the mirror with the groom and liked everything without a single cut to throw away.My friend told me that there are no pictures to use for Mochon, but I was worried because there were so many pictures I wanted to write. In fact, many people didn’t know what would be good for the Jeonju Wedding Fair, so they only relied on the planner and said, “Please take good care of me.”I have a strong taste, so when I told them in detail that the wedding hall should be like this, the studio should be like this, the makeup and dress should be like this, it would be a completely custom wedding where they could prepare a marriage that they liked.”Actually, the planner was too lazy, and I was not sure what to do if I said “”quichang-ah”” but I was very glad that you recognized my efforts.” (Planner is the best!) Maybe that’s why I chose as many places as I wanted and prepared through the Jeonju Wedding Fair!When I first thought about getting married, I wondered if I would really do it, but I was looking forward to it when I got this close. Anyway, when I did wedding dress fitting, I could fit in a very pretty dress, so would you like to walk on Virgin Road soon?I’m also very curious about my friends’ reactionsWhile preparing for a normal marriage at once, I just told you the direction of what we should do, and I’m so glad that you told me so well that it really came into my heart and came out!When you get ready to get married, please make sure to prepare for the Jeonju Wedding FairJeonju Shinbuno Jeonju Wedding Fair, Jeonju Shinbuno Jeonju Wedding Fair, Wedding Planner Group bit.lyJeonju Shinbuno Jeonju Wedding Fair, Jeonju Shinbuno Jeonju Wedding Fair, Wedding Planner Group bit.lyPrevious image Next imagePrevious image Next imageHere’s the previous image. Here’s the next oneHere’s the previous image. Here’s the next oneHere’s the previous image. Here’s the next one

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